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Transform your brand with expert marketing consulting services. With 15 years of industry experience in social media strategy, video production, web design, and digital marketing, I am dedicated to helping your business thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

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Greg Urbanek - Marketing Consultant, Video Producer, Web Designer and Social Media Marketing expert

I bring 15 years of experience in the marketing industry, specializing in creating compelling social media content, producing high-quality video commercials, and developing effective video content. My notable projects include producing the TV series (3 season)  “Dirty Money Clear Gain” for Discovery Channel.  

I specialize in social media marketing, particularly on Facebook and Instagram. I can manage your entire social media campaign, whether it’s for sales, lead generation, or brand awareness. My goal is to create engaging content and strategies that connect with your audience and drive results.

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You can hire me based on your specific project requirements. Whether you need a video producer, filmmaker, line producer, video editor, live streaming service, or production consultant, I have the skills and experience to meet your needs. With over 15 years in the industry, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a track record of delivering outstanding results.

I am also an expert in web design (a hobby I converted into a business, with a love for working with WordPress). Additionally, I specialize in social media marketing, particularly on Facebook and Instagram. I can manage your entire social media campaign, whether it’s for sales, lead generation, or brand awareness.

I offer consulting services where I provide expert guidance and strategic planning for your social media marketing efforts. My expertise helps you craft compelling content, optimize your social media presence, and engage effectively with your audience. This service is ideal for businesses looking to enhance their online impact and build strong, lasting connections with their customers.

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Video Production

With 15 years of experience, I produce compelling video content for businesses of all sizes. By crafting masterful stories, I help you make a bigger impact and connect with your audience. Offering services as a producer, videographer, or director, I create engaging videos that effectively communicate your brand's message and achieve your marketing goals.

Web Design​

Services include:
Landing Pages: Optimized for conversions and lead generation.
Online Shops: E-commerce solutions tailored to your business needs.
Business Websites: Professional sites that showcase your portfolio and services.

Social Media Management, Strategy & Advertising

Running a business and maintaining a strong online presence isn't easy—but with my expertise in social media strategy, from planning and content creation to targeted advertising campaigns, I can help you succeed and stand out.

Polish Comedy Theatre

My passion for theatre inspired me to establish the Polish Comedy Theatre in 2016. For many years, I have been organizing cultural events in the United Kingdom, collaborating with some of the most renowned names in Polish film, theatre, and music.

Virtual Production Consulting and Project Management

I offer consulting services where I will manage your virtual production project from start to finish. Collaborating with a top-tier studio, I ensure seamless execution and outstanding results.

Step into the World of Klaudia Żółkoś Urbanek

Discover the remarkable artistry of Klaudia Żołkos Urbanek, a distinguished artist celebrated for her triumph at the Royal Opera House competition. Klaudia's art transcends the ordinary, weaving together her profound cultural insights with cutting-edge digital techniques to craft portraits that resonate with deep emotional undertones.

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